In De Hel.

Gangsters, guns, drugs & violence - Lavender Hill in Cape Town is one suburb that has it all, with a couple of extra highlights thrown in for good measure. Often rated as one of the most violent places in the Western Cape, this is not a place for a tourist walkabout.

We recently serviced an episode of Ewout in de Hel for a Dutch TV network, filming within Lavender Hill and surrounding areas over the course of 10 days, some of which involved us running for cover and a number where we were unable to enter the area at all as our vehicles, and crew, had been marked. We were assisted by reformed gangsters living in the ‘hood, who also made up our security detail.

Two gang members we interviewed were killed by rivals during the week and we witnessed the aftermath of more than one hit on taxis operating in the area.

This was definitely not one for the faint hearted.

Official show trailer - due to current restrictions in place by the cable network we are not allowed to link through to the full episode.

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